Sunday, January 6, 2008

Two Adventures at a Time

Yesterday and today we spilt into two groups and went horseback riding through the rainforest or walking through a creek to a waterfall. Both were amazing. We rode for an hour on a wagon to get to the horses then another two hours by horseback to the lodge. It looked like something out of Swiss Family Robinison, hammocks and a view of the canopy. We swam in the creek, after lunch, to cool off before heading back to town.

Today we walked a pristine creek, climbing over small cascades and over rocks. Every time checking for a snake or a poison dart frog(we wished). At the end of our walk was a stunning waterfall. in the midst of the green jungle the fall dropped twenty feet into the pool below. We swam under the falls and climbed about 6 feet up the face then jumped back into the pool.

The wildlife is up close and personal here. We saw toucans so close the serrations on their bills were visible. Howler monkeys woke us up at 4:30 am this morning and yesterday some white faced capuchins visited us for breakfast. Tracks in the sandy beaches at night lead to imagination of all manner of creatures great and small.

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