Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Research Day at Morgan's

Hi, this is Whitney and Mary Kate. Yesterday we (most of us at least) woke up with our daily alarm, Howler monkeys at 4:30. After a stroll to tiger point to see the clay deposits and some albino crayfish…the best bait for red snapper we were told, we had a delicious breakfast. It was research time. We moved palm trees to help stop shore erosion and raked leaves, plots for tree growth and succession were established, and an ant study with cornflakes. We went on a nature hike and saw Cecropia trees with Azteca ants (they smell like bleu cheese when we crush them)

A small group of us decided to try a local treat, soft shell crabs fresh off the beach. We had to dig down about 5 ft (at least it felt like it) following the tiny crab hole. After bringing them back to the lodge we fried them in butter and ate them like potato chips. It was delicious! One really brave soul (Andrew) tried a new form of protein…termites. Others had milky sap from the cow tree. Its supposed to help your stomach problems, not that any of us are suffering since the food is fantastic.
The rest of the group seemed addicted to a game that Amanda Morgan introduced us to, Banana-grams, a scrabble-esque game of strategy and speed. Some of us played long into the night. There was also the competitive game of rhythm that Gary taught us.
We are thinking of those back home and say hi, Gary especially.
Today we are going into town to see the botanical gardens, some caimans and gators. We will post this there and catch some sun at the pool (w/ sunscreen of course mom).

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